At the intersection of social sciences and design


b. 1986, HK.

I'm a product designer at Instacart. Previously at Prismatic and a recent grad of the Symbolic Systems at Stanford, a program at the intersection of Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics. 

Quick about me bullet points:

  • My work and world outlook is inspired by a variety of fields including neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, behavioral economics, sociology, political science and anthropology
  • I enjoy devising interesting experiments and research methodology
  • I love to write: stream of consciousness, poetry, music. Yes, I write my own songs!
  • Music. You'll usually find me listening to music or at karaoke.
  • Frozen yogurt and peanut butter are the best
  • Have recently developed an affinity for traveling so hoping to put more of that up on this website!

Feel free to reach out. I love meeting people.